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Graforce has developed a new technology for producing hydrogen. With our Plasmalyzer®, it is possible to produce the energy source of hydrogen - a raw material found in nature - as required in a simple, resource-saving, highly-efficient way.

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The Plasmalyzer®

Graforce GmbH is developing a highly efficient plasma-electrolyzer for hydrogen production. Our Plasmalyzer® is the world's first plasmalysis system and it is establishing a new generation of water dissociation with its revolutionary plasma technology. The market entry will be end of 2018. The efficiency and unrivaled production costs of these plasmalysis technologies attest to a technological milestone in the production of hydrogen.

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Our Plasmalyzer offers a highly efficient dissociation or synthesis process with few intermediate steps. This means that hydrogen can be produced from water, in contrast to electrolysis processes currently on the market, at an affordable price using regenerative electricity for around 3 Euro/kg instead of 6-8 Euro/kg (assuming electricity costs of 8 Cents per kWh). 

Moreover, unlike other processes, it does not require the water to be purified; that means that non-purified water can also be used. This results in entirely new applications for our Plasmalyzer. 

The increase in energy efficiency and low hydrogen production costs open up an incredible potential for various applications in industry, energy production and in the automotive and transport industries. 

Our innovative membranes

Our portfolio is augmented with innovative, highly efficient and cost-effective membranes to separate gases such as oxygen, hydrogen and natural gas.

They are impressive due to their high separation efficiency, their environmentally friendly operation and their durability and are easy to handle due to their extensive automation.
Thanks to their modular design, they can be expanded to any size and can be adapted to your individual needs at any time.

Our products make green hydrogen production cost-effective - delivering clean hydrogen technology and energy without any harmful emissions for all industries.

The beginning of an age of unlimited clean energy. 

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The technology of our Plasmalyzer®

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The new plasmalysis technology of our Plasmalyzer is based on a change in the effect of radiation on matter. In a high-frequency plasma process, reactive species are produced as a result of electron-molecule interactions that initiate reactions at ambient temperatures that would otherwise only occur at significantly higher temperatures. This allows both dissociative electron attraction and dissociative excitations of process gases and water, and also plasma-chemical synthesis processes that will open up new applications for Graforce GmbH in the near future.

The combined use of different plasma inductors is leading to a new crossover technology in the form of plasma processing. From this crossover technology, Graforce GmbH offers a product for hydrogen production – 

our unique Plasmalyzer®.


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