Visionary technology for our blue planet

Graforce has developed a new technology for producing hydrogen. With our Plasmalyzer®, it is possible to produce the energy source of hydrogen - a raw material found in nature - as required in a simple, resource-saving, highly-efficient way.

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Hydrocracking –
Green hydrogen for petroleum refineries

'Hydrocracking' is a catalytic cracking process in the petroleum industry. Using hydrogen as an aid, high-molecular or long-chain hydrocarbons are converted into intermediate products such as petrol, kerosene and diesel. The use of hydrogen means that the coke residues generated during the process are significantly reduced.

Due to the threat of global warming, CO2 emissions must be drastically reduced. New processes are needed to reduce steam formation during hydrocracking and the associated high emissions. The Plasmalyzer from Graforce GmbH makes it possible to implement this step in the future of hydrogen production cost-effectively, not least because of the unrivalled low investment.

A major advance into the future and to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

If we have kindled your interest in this new technology, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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