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Graforce has developed a new technology for producing hydrogen. With our Plasmalyzer®, it is possible to produce the energy source of hydrogen - a raw material found in nature - as required in a simple, resource-saving, highly-efficient way.

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Hydrogen production from waste water

Extraction of ammonium compounds from waste water

Worldwide waste water treatment presents major challenges for water treatment plants. Waste water is contaminated with a large number of pollutants, such as considerable amounts of nitrogen, some of which are in the form of ammonium compounds. At an increasing pH value and increasing temperature, these form the highly toxic ammonia (NH3).
Previous methods for purifying the waste water are immensely complex and require very large amounts of energy.

Graforce GmbH is developing and researching a solution to this problem:
Water polluted by ammonium compounds (NH4+ and NH3) contains significantly higher amounts of hydrogen compounds than our normal drinking water.
In contrast with electrolysis processes previously used, the Graforce GmbH's Plasmalyzer does not require clean, distilled water to generate hydrogen from water. This will extract ammonium compounds from the waste water from sewage treatment plants using a relatively small amount of energy and in the process obtaining large amounts of hydrogen as an energy store.

This will provide us with clean, purified sewage water and climate-friendly energy in the form of hydrogen that can be reused.

A win-win situation for our environment - and involved parties.

Extraction of other pollutants from waste water

In addition, our Plasmalyzer create reactive species in non-thermal atmospheric plasma that can be used to clean highly contaminated landfill leachate. Medicines from hospitals in the waste water, as well as halogenated compounds or cyanides from industry waste water are not broken down in the biological stages of sewage treatment plants.

For example, antibiotics and hormone-active compounds such as bisphenol A from plastic production have already accumulated in the environment and are detectable in samples of groundwater and even drinking water. To remove these persistent pollutants from waste water, special, highly complex cleaning methods must be used - and these consume large amounts of energy.

Our Plasmalyzer oxidises or mineralises pollutants into smaller, degradable organic molecules. This is how we are developing environmentally-friendly waste water treatment with low energy consumption.

Further applications of our Plasmalyzers are in the decontamination of organic pollutants in raw water, pharmaceutical waste water, hospital waste water, leachate, industrial process water and in the disinfection of cooling water, air humidifiers and circulating water in storage containers, that are conventionally difficult to decompose.

With our Plasmalyzer technology, we are exploring revolutionary advances in waste water treatment. Can you see opportunities for your company in this technology? Contact us for a no-obligation consultation. Together, we can discuss and develop possibilities for a successful collaboration.

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