Visionary technology for our blue planet

Graforce has developed a new technology for producing hydrogen. With our Plasmalyzer®, it is possible to produce the energy source of hydrogen - a raw material found in nature - as required in a simple, resource-saving, highly-efficient way.

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Fertiliser production –
Climate-neutral hydrogen for ammonia production

Hydrogen is an important raw material in the industry. For example, it is used in large quantities for the production of ammonia (NH3), which is used worldwide for the production of fertiliser, among other applications.

To date, the hydrogen required for this purpose has mainly been produced conventionally with the aid of steam reforming from fossil fuels with the associated CO2 emissions.

Due to climate change and the associated growing interest in CO2 reduction however, the focus is on the search for environment- and climate-friendly energy for the industry, particularly for green hydrogen for ammonia production.

The new plasmalysis technology of our Plasmalyzer makes this goal achievable.

The high efficiency of our Plasmalyzers and the low investment and hydrogen production costs allow us to advance the green hydrogen production for the industry - and to take a step towards a green future.

If you are interested in the pioneering results of our new technology, please contact us.

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