Visionary technology for our blue planet

Graforce has developed a new technology for producing hydrogen. With our Plasmalyzer®, it is possible to produce the energy source of hydrogen - a raw material found in nature - as required in a simple, resource-saving, highly-efficient way.

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Economic storage
of renewable energies

The interest in regenerative energies around the world continues to grow. However, electricity generation from solar and wind energy varies depending on the weather. Since the power stability in the electricity grid has to be held constant for smooth operation, the grid operators are presented with serious challenges.

They need innovative solutions to store any over-supplies of energy and to make them available again in the future as needed.

Hydrogen is excellently suited as an energy store for this purpose - and this is where Graforce GmbH's Plasmalyzers come in. These devices convert regenerative surplus power into hydrogen using a method with unprecedented efficiency. This hydrogen can easily be stored and then made available at any time as needed. This means electricity can be stored in large quantities indefinitely.

Green hydrogen from renewable energies therefore offers the opportunity to end our reliance on fossil fuels such as oil and gas.

If your company could profit from this highly efficient method of hydrogen production, please contact us. We will be glad to help you identify all the possibilities for successful collaboration.

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